What's that beeping?

Maintenance Services

Tune-Up Services
Much like your vehicle, computers need maintenance to keep them in top running order. See below for pricing.
File Services
Complex file handling and management, re-organizing, and document scanning or reformatting.
Patching and Updates
We handle those small software extensions, released by the manufacturer, intended to improve or fix the existing software on your machine between releases.
Malicious Software Removal
Removal of spyware, viruses, malware and other unwanted software that can impact your computer's performance.
Software Installation and Upgrades
Performance Analysis

  • Pricing

    Device Type Average Price
    Desktop Tune-Up 1 hr / Level 1 Helpdesk Support
    Server Tune-Up 1 hr / Server Suppport
    File Services $95 / hr
    Patching and Updates 1 hr / Level 2 Helpdesk Support
    Malicious Software Removal 1 hr / Level 2 Helpdesk Support
    Software Installation and Upgrades 1 hr / Level 2 Helpdesk Support
    Performance Analysis Complimentary.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Tune-Up?
    Much like a car, computers need regular service. Short of changing the oil, we perform a comprehensive diagnostic on your system and perform regular maintenacne tasks including applying updates to the opearting system and protection software. We can also provide additional recommendations to improve the performance of your system, too.
    My computer is slow. What can you do?
    A tune-up is a perfect start. From there we can provide hardware recommendations to boost the speed of your system as necessary. Regular tune-ups can keep your system running its best, for many years to come.